How to know you are getting Great Financial Planning Advice...

‘We believe great Financial Planning Advice is the advice you would give yourself, if you had all the benefit of our knowledge and experience...’

How can we make such a bold claim?
Simply because of three facts we stand behind:

We are not aligned to any financial institution.
We are free of any conflicts of interest; because we are not tied to any financial products or financial product company providers.

Our only vested interest is in you and achieving the best results possible for you.

We enjoy high client satisfaction.
We are proud to state that all clients that have taken a Plan from us and implemented our advice are at peace with their financial life.

Our aim is to far exceed your expectations because the sad truth is that so many Financial Planners have lowered the standard of what you should expect.

We follow our own advice.
Many have commented on our level of thoroughness and level of certainty when giving financial advice. Let me assure you, it’s not because we can predict the future, it’s because in our 50+ years of combined experience we have seen it all, and learned never to make the same mistake twice.

Our clients benefit from our experience and especially the mistakes we have seen being made, which means many may never have to make avoidable mistakes at all.

If you are interested in discovering how financial planning advice can be of great value to you, then we look forward to hearing from you today.

Alpha Advisers Group are a corporate Authorised Representative of DOVER Financial Advisers Pty Ltd. AFSL No. 307248

Giving you greater control over your finances and the knowledge to make better informed decisions.
Structured advice on investment,insurance and debt management for a financially secure future.
Creating a Superannuation and retirement strategy to complement your planning advice.
Increase your awareness of the market and stay competitive.
Getting to the heart of a successful Corporate Super Strategy for your business.
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